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Welcome to our store!

Warranty and authentication

We certify that Ichiban products are original, hand-made produced in Ichiban workshop.
For Ichiban jewelries we use:


Made in Austria crystals and pearls (originality certificate from external and internal providers)
- Precious stones (authenticity certificate from external provider)
- Semiprecious stones
- Wire and chain 14K or 18K gold for 14K gold and precious stones collection
- Wire and chain(different models and shapes) AG 925 and AU 14k GF(gold filled) for gold filled collection
- Earrings threads/ear wires AG 925 and AU 14k GF, surgical steel, gold plated steel
- Miyuki seeds beads colored and gold/palladium plated
- Surgical steel  wire and chain 
- Cooper wire and chain (depends on model)
- Lobster bolts, Ying &Yang, magnetic bolts
The packing of Ichiban products
The products created in Ichiban workshop are packed in jewelry boxes, usually red colored, crocodile leather imitation.
Depending on packing provider, these boxes can differ in aspect and colors, but quality is the same.
To the box with the ordered product is added a red (or other color) bag hand-made in Ichiban workshop.
The box is wrapped in silk paper (red, green, white). Main color is red.
Assurance of Ichiban products
Ichiban products have an assurance of 12 months for execution. We offer post-assurance services for execution. We do not recommend trying to repair a flaw of jewelry type.
Ichiban jewelries are made with our own weaving technique using monofilament strings and silver and gold wires. Ichiban jewelries are hand made products, with no welding.
Made in Austria pearls are 10 years certified by the producer, respecting the conditions mentioned in guarantee certificate.
Gold 14k GF (gold filled) is guaranteed to wear from 5 to 30 years according to the specifications of externals providers and respecting the conditions in the guarantee certificate.
Made in Austria crystals are guaranteed to wear with no time limit, respecting the conditions in the guarantee certificate.
Ichiban jewelries are made of two support types:
- Special monofilament strings for jewelries, depending on thickness, one single string can support pressures of 7-9 kg. Ichiban jewelries use 4 monofilament strings, the maximum possible. 
- The second support is the wire between 0,25mm-1mm. depending on model, wire support will have the same metal from which the technical components are made. 
According to our contracts with our providers, we guarantee the quality and authenticity of the material described. Technical components of precious metal are marked
The guarantee of jewelry execution is 12 months from purchase with the compliance of the following instructions:
- It will be kept in the original package, separated by other jewelries
- It will be kept away from children or pets
- It will be worn 15 minutes after applying cosmetic products 
- Being hand-made, it will be given attention and protection while using it. Is not reccomended to be worn during physical activities.
- Do not modify, add or cut components to/of jewelries (the guarantee will be lost)
- Avoid direct contact with inflammable materials and/or thinners (nail polish, acetone, gasoline, diesel fuel
- Avoid direct exposure heat sources (fire, hot water, sauna)
- Avoid exposure at exaggerated pressure
Cleaning will be made in a liquid of water and shampoo. Wash with water, and dry it with paper towel. 
Do not use abrasive material or substances.

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