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Home Jewellery for Women Earrings Sweet Emerald - 925 Silver stud earrings

Sweet Emerald - 925 Silver stud earrings

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Stud earrings and pendant, made of AG925

Authentic Romanian product, handmade in the Ichiban workshop in Bucharest, in small, very small or unique series.
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Telephone contact: 0743.204.298

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  • LSSE54-emerald
  • 0.200 Kgs

Diameter of top pendant and earrings: approximately 11 mm
Pendant length: 50 cm
Crystals made in Austria: 6 mm
Technical components: stud support, butterflys, wire of various thicknesses: made of AG925

The jewel is delivered together with:
-Warranty certificate (1 year)
-The jewelry box and gift bag, Ichiban model, are purchased from Europe and are made of carefully selected and partially recycled materials. The color of our brand is "intense red" but for reasons beyond our control, depending on the supplier's stocks that have been and may continue to be affected by the current global situation, sometimes the color of our packaging can be: beige, black or gold. Thank you for understanding!

- To confirm an order, you will be contacted within a maximum of 24 hours after placing it, with the exception of very busy periods. Please place your orders for seasonal gifts in time. Unfortunately, we will not ship to those who do not answer the phone or email!

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